1. #8 Gold Star Flat Head Screw "YTX" Wood Screws (Variation Test)

#8 Gold Star Flat Head Screw "YTX" Wood Screws (Variation Test)

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#8 x 1" Multipurpose Yellow Zinc Wood Screws

Multipurpose Yellow Zinc Triple Coated Screws
Excellent Multipurpose Screws
For Professional Operations & Demanding Industries
Excellent Screws for Both Hard and Soft Wood
High Quality Heat Treated Steel
Self-Countersinking Screw Head
Deep, Wide, Sharp Screw Threads Provide Maximum Holding Power
High Quality Screw Threads Cut Cleanly & Easily Through Tough Materials
Type 17 Notched Screw Point for Quick Starts without "Walking"
Torx/Star Drive Delivers Twice the Torque of Phillips or Square Drive Screws
Deep Torx/Star Drive Screws Reduce "Cam-out"
Excellent Screw for Cabinetry, Furniture, Roofing, Framing, etc.
This product includes 1 Pound of the #8 x 1" Gold Star YTX Wood Screws

Gold Star Yellow Zinc Multipurpose Torx/Star Drive Wood Screws "YTX", #8 Diameter by 1" Long. Use T20 Torx/Star Drive Bit for Installing these Quality Wood Screws. Bulk Quality Wood Screws for the Best Possible Value. Our Gold Star Torx/Star Drive Screws are an Excellent Fastener for Multipurpose Applications in Hard and Soft Woods, Chipboard, and other Tough Materials. Our Multipurpose Gold Zinc Coated Wood Screws are an Excellent Multipurpose Fastener for Professional Operations and Demanding Industries Using Hard or Soft Woods. Uses include, cabinetry, framing, furniture and many more. Our Wood Screws are so Strong they can even be Removed and Reused. This 1 Pound quantity of our yellow zinc triple coated wood screws has approximately 276 screws.
Torx/Star Drive Wood Screw Head Provides Twice the Torque of Phillips or Square Drive Screw Heads

Screw Engineering Specs:
Average Shear Strength of #8 Shank ---- 2213 lbs
Average Pull-Out Strength ---------------- 363 lbs
(Screw Pull Out is Calculated with a 2" Length Screw in the wood species: Yellow Pine Wood)

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