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  5. #8 (7"-13") RED Round High Temp Silicone Flexible Pipe Flashing Dektite Metal Roof Jack Pipe Boot-Metal Roof Flashing (DF208RE)
#8 (RED) Dektite High Temp. Silicone Pipe Flashings
#8 (RED) Dektite High Temp. Silicone Pipe Flashings

#8 (7"-13") RED Round High Temp Silicone Flexible Pipe Flashing Dektite Metal Roof Jack Pipe Boot-Metal Roof Flashing (DF208RE)

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#8 Red Dektite High Temperature Silicone Flexible Metal Roofing Pipe Flashing (DF208RE)

Continuous Service Temperature Ranges of -58F to +392F (Silicone)
Flashing Base Diameter is 16-3/4"
Metal Roofing Pipe Boot Fits 7" to 13" Outside Pipe Diameter
Easily Customize Pipe Boot Size on the Job Site With Shears or Heavy Scissors
Silicone Rubber Boot with Flexible Base (Aluminum Collar) Seals Against Uneven Metal Roofing with Ease
Slide Flashing Down the Pipe and Fasten Aluminum Collar To Roof With Metal Roofing Screws Every 1-1/2"
If Trimmed and Installed Correctly, Pipe Flashing Will Not Break or Crack
Reduces Building Maintenance Due To The Long Life of the Dektite Product
Use for Stove Pipes, Chimneys, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical and Exhaust Vents
20 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

On a Roof with a 10/12 to 12/12 Pitch Dektite Recommends You Use a Square Base Pipe Flashing Installed With The Base Tip Pointed Towards Roof Top.

When Used With Deep Ribbed Profile Roofing Panels With 1-1/2" Deep Corrugation Or More, Consider Using Next Size Up That Will Accommodate The Same Diameter Pipe.

Manufacturers Recommended Temperature Ranges Are Clearly Stated! Please Verify This Product Will Meet Specifications Of Your Installation Or Possible Product Damage May Occur

35 Count Metal Roofing Screws to Mount Aluminum Collar to Roof Available Here - Follow the Link

Flashing Name Fits Pipe Outside Diameter Base Size Diameter Temperature Range Flashing Material
DF201RE 1/4" to 2-1/2" 4-3/4" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF202RE 1-3/4" to 3-1/4" 6-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF203RE 1/4" to 5" 7-3/4" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF204RE 3" to 6-1/4" 9-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF205RE 4" to 7" 10-3/4" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF206RE 5" to 9" 12-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF207RE 6" to 11" 14-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF208RE 7" to 13" 16-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone
DF209RE 10" to 19" 25-1/2" -58°F to +392° F Silicone

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