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  6. #14 x 2-1/2" Metal Roofing Screws
  7. #14 Metal ROOFING SCREWS: (250) Screws x 2-1/2" COPPER Hex Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw. Self starting/tapping metal to woodsheet metal screws with EPDM washer. For corrugated roofing
14x2-1/2" Metal Roofing Screws (COPPER)
14x2-1/2" Metal Roofing Screws (COPPER)

#14 Metal ROOFING SCREWS: (250) Screws x 2-1/2" COPPER Hex Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw. Self starting/tapping metal to woodsheet metal screws with EPDM washer. For corrugated roofing

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#14 COPPER x 2-1/2 inch Long Sheet Metal Roofing Screws (250 Count) with hex washer head.

These self starting roofing screws help take the headache out of sheet metal roof and siding installation.
The color on the roof screw heads is painted with a two part polyurethane for longer product life.
1,000 hour salt spray corrosion tested without failures.
#14 Screws have a 5/16 Inch Hex Screw Head and a 9/16" EPDM washer to seal roofing panel to screw.
These metal-to-wood screws are great sheet metal roofing screws to use on any metal roofing or siding project where 2-1/2 inch roofing screws are needed.
For installing roofing on a house, porch, airplane hangar, shed, pole barn, shop, barn or lean-to.
Rough Estimation - Regular Roofing Project Should Require 80 Screws per 10' x 10' Section of Roofing

ONLY screw head is painted to ensure EPDM washer seals to metal roof. NO paint on the threads to maximize holding strength

**The Metal Roofing Screw Colors Below Match the Jake Sales Metal Roofing Screw Above : COPPER
Manufacturer Their Color Manufacturer Their Color Manufacturer Their Color
A B Martin Copper Penny America Best Siding Copper Penny American Roofing Copper Penny
ASI Improvement Co Copper Penny Brookline Metal Roofing Copper Buckeye Metal Sales Copper
CCG Copper Penny Central States Copper Metallic CMP Group Copper
D&B Metal Roofing Supply Copper Dave's Metal Roofing Copper Global Metal Manufactures Copper Metallic
Graber Post Buildings Copper Harlan Steel Building Copper Integrity Metals Copper
Interstate Metals Copper J & L Metal Copper JD Metals Copper
Kloeckner Metals Copper Metallic Kyfus Metal Copper Metallic Laurel Valley Hardware Native Copper (190)
Lester Buildings Copper Luthy Metal Sales Copper Lyon Metal Roofing Copper
Lyon Metal Standing Seam Copper Mac Metal Sales Copper Penny Macsteel Copper
Marco Metals Copper Metallic Max Kendall Lumber & Tin Copper Penny Menards Copper
Metal Exteriors Copper Metallic Metal Sales Native Copper Mid Park Metals Copper
Mill Steel - AkzoNobel Copper Penny Paramount Coils Copper Metallic Piedmont Door Service Copper Penny
Qualiform Metals Native Copper Quality Metal Roofing Copper Metallic Ridge N Valley Copper Metallic
Ritter Circle Copper Metallic Roach Metals Copper Penny Rustic Ridge (WI) Copper
Slabaugh Metal Sales Copper Metallic Stony Point Metals Copper Union Steel Copper Metallic
United Steel Supply Copper Metallic WV Metal Copper Penny Wytheville Metals Copper

Please keep in mind when choosing the best screw color to match your roofing that differences in computer screens, in sheet metal roofing production and roofing screw production, the color you order and the color of your roofing may vary to some degree.

We have no affiliation with the manufacturers found on this page, all rights and privileges of the above manufacturers are the property of that manufacturer. Jake Sales branded screws are not authorized by or endorsed by the above metal manufacturers. The above information is provided solely for comparison sake.

Need a 5/16” Magnetic Hex Head Driver With Quick Change Shank? Follow the Link Here

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